Meet The Team

Founder & Facilitator

Founder Facilitator Vicki Mayne

Vicki Mayne is a certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator through the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, a leading organisation in EAL, and offers the only certified EAL BuildingBlocks™ program in the World. Vicki also had a dual diploma of Agribusiness Management and Agriculture.

Vicki was born with a passion for horses, growing up in a thoroughbred racing family in Toowoomba on the Darling Downs in Queensland.  At a young age she showed a natural gift in her ability to connect with horses. 

It is no surprise to Vicki's husband, Shane, and family that she is the brains and driving force of Hoofprints Of Change in Chinchilla.

Our Horses

Horses Empowering Lives One Step At A Time

The majority of the horses you will meet at Hoofprints Of Change have been bred, raised and proudly trained by Vicki and her family. Vicki and her husband, Shane started breeding Australian Stock Horses back in 2002 under the prefix "Cattlecamp".  This offers participants the re-assurance that Vicki knows her horses personalities and their individual traits.  This offers Vicki and the Team unique insight into knowing which horses are suitable to be the perfect teachers at Hoofprints Of Change.

So who are the horses in the Team? You will meet Faith, the horse who inspired Vicki to start Hoofprints Of Change. Faith will make you smile with her beautiful eyes and soft heart.   Other Team members are the vivacious Snazzy Jazzy Girl, Mr Boombastic who is aptly named, the delightful Muddy, our cutie-pie Plucka Duck and our new member of the family Bel, who is sure to steal your heart as much as she has ours.

And then there is....


"Cumalong" is not only the home to Hoofprints Of Change and the team, but also home to Chinchira Super Reds. You will find vying for your attention, is our beautiful Red Wagyu (Akaushi) and Santa Gertrudis cross cows and their calves. They love to be fed a biscuit of hay and enjoy attention.  

Not to be out done by the horses and cows, are our two 'leading hands', Tippy and Sarge, who are working cattle dogs. They  LOOOVE a pat or three and will be sure to make there presence known. 

Then there is our friendly feathered friends our Barnevelder hens and their rooster. They love to be spoiled with a piece of toast and if you are lucky will reward you with some eggs to take home.