allow our farm to capture your heart

Let us share the beauty of our farm with your family in an exclusive personal tour of "Cumlaong".  Located a short drive from Chinchilla on the Western Darling Downs in Queensland, "Cumalong" is home to Hoofprints Of Change and Chinchira Super Reds, where we breed Red (Akaushi) Wagyu and Santa Gertrudis cross cattle.   Our mission is to raise healthy livestock using environmentally and sustainable farming practices. Our livestock are raised ensuring their emotional, mental & physical well-being.



1. Red Wagyu - The Emperor's Breed of Cattle

Your family can interact with one of the world's most intriguing and rare breed of cattle, Akaushi, or better known in Australia as Red Wagyu.  "Akaushi" meaning "red cow" and Wagyu meaning "Japanese cow".    Akaushi is the one known in its native Japan as the “Emperor's Breed.”   They originate from Japan, from the Mt. Aso region in the prefecture of Kumomoto.

2. EAL & Heritage Bred Australian Stock Horses

Your family will meet and interact with our beautiful heritage bred Australian Stock Horses. Together you will experience a fun, challenging and unique program called Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), were our horses will be your teacher.  You will also witness our handsome stallion Kidman graze peacefully alongside his mares as their foals play.  

3. Experience and Learn about Farm Life

Your family will experience what it would be like to grow up on a farm surrounded by animals, fresh air and space to let your imagination run free to create life long memories.  Everyday is different on "Cumalong", depending on the time of year, the season, the weather, and what needs to be done on the farm to ensure the happiness and welfare of our animals.  Your family could experience seeing a new born calf take it's first steps, or watch a group of calves frolic and play while their mother's graze. Your family can learn about hand rearing calves, DNA sample collecting, embryo transfer programs, veterinary treatments, working cattle dogs, Barnevelder hens, and much more. 

4. Country Hospitality

During your 4 hour farm tour experience you will get to relax on our homestead verandah and enjoy some good old fashioned country hospitality.  Because we personalise your tour to meet with your family's schedule, you could join us for brunch, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, or evening nibbles.     

5. We are a 5 Generation Cattle Farming Family

We take pride in our family roots and are proud to say that for five generations our family has been breeding and raising beef cattle in Queensland.  On "Cumalong" we are honored to be able to brand our cattle with our Grandfather's brand. It is the brand that cattle buyers have trusted throughout Queensland for over 80 years.