Equine Assisted Learning - Building Skills For Life

What we do & why we do it!


At Hoofprints Of Change we emphasize the BuildingBlock™ curriculum of facilitating life skills through positively reinforced interaction with horses. The horse's job is to  speak to the clients through their body language to help bring about the changes that the clients need to make. Exercises are  developed to encourage self-confidence through validated, hands-on experiences. Our horses teach you the skills necessary to re-imagine your life with purpose and meaning.  In our fun & interactive program you will develop effective communication and leadership skills that you can parallel back to your everyday life, giving you the confidence to be the empowered and unique person that you were destined to be.   One step at a time, our beautiful & gentle teachers, the horses, provide a window into your personality and teach you to change thoughts and behavior patterns that undermine your potential to be the best possible version of you. 

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What Is Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)


Equine Assisted Learning, or EAL, is a unique experiential program with horses.  The Equine Assisted Learning BuildingBlocks curriculum is a non-riding horse course with an effective approach to human development that encourages individual and team growth.  Participants engage in objectively driven exercises and find themselves  learning valuable life skills in a fun, exciting and safe atmosphere.   Exercises are  developed to encourage self-confidence through validated, hands-on experiences. Equine Assisted Learning through Hoofprints Of Change is NOT equine therapy. We do not require a clinical professional with us to do these exercises and programs are delivered by certified facilitators.  Why does Equine Assisted Learning work? 

Because the teachers are the horses! 

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Why Horses

Powerful bond friendship horses empowering lives

The single most asked question is, WHY horse? It is clear and evidence based that horses are effective teachers who immediately respond to what participants do and are able to assist trained facilitators to look for "teachable moments" that the horses identify. Nature provides horses with instincts and senses that are very astute, they are highly aware of their surroundings and are quick to react. Horses know how to  discern the difference between a calm non-threatening approach and  anxious, nervous energy; immediately identifying individuals who are struggling internally. WHY do we not ride horses in our programs? By working alongside the horse, you get to experience the true beauty of communication in it's purest form.  Horses don’t  judge, and their feed back is hones allowing them to be powerful teachers.  They teach us about trust, respect, communication, how to build strong relationships and effective leadership.

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EAL BuildingBlocks™ Programs

Teamwork Leadership Social Skills

Youth Skills Development & Leadership Programs

Imagine what the world would look like if we prepared our children with skills for life.  For all children and young adults, 8 years of age and over, EAL is an effective approach to human development that encourages individual and team growth.  Our experiential program is a powerful journey of teaching, learning and understanding, focusing on developing a range of core leadership and life skills.

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Anti-bullying Program

Our EAL BuildingBlocks™ program is ideal for both the victims of bullying and for the perpetrators of bullying, as they are designed to help children develop positive social skills to improve communication skills, self-esteem, integration, empathy, integrity, personal responsibility, and positive leadership skills. Our programs are an effective approach to human development that encourages individual and team growth.

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Individual Programs

Programs are tailored to meet the objectives and needs of the individual. Our one-on-one program with our horses provides a neutral, non-judgemental, non-threatening environment promoting self-esteem, confidence, trust and most importantly self-belief and self-worth. The EAL BuildingBlocks™ program has proven to be effective, powerful, positive, educational and creative. 

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Research, Media & Testimonals

"Proven experiential program...working with horses and learning without realizing your learning - best learning environment!!!" 


"Unique and awesome learning experience."  


As a proud member of the EAL Network and certified by The Equine Connection, we are able to provide you with a link to several videos, interviews and community based researched projects.

To learn more about our Youth Leadership Programs and Anti-bullying programs click on the link below

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Why Our Programs Work

Unless you have personally experienced participating in an EAL BuildingBlocks™ program, it is hard to comprehend and envisage how a non-ridden program using horses as the teachers can provide unforgettable, enjoyable learning opportunities that builds important skills for life.  The Equine Connection has provided a video to explain this unique skills development program, the leadership skills that can be learned, and what real changes the individual can make. Click on the link below 

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Why will this program work over others we have tried?

We are one of a kind. We are different. We are unique and we are fun. We  have research backing our programs with proven results and outcomes  your organization is looking for. The same actions bring the same  results. With us, you have found the organisation to bring about the  change your leaders and teams need to take your company to that next  level. Plus we use horses! There is no pushing around these teachers. Our participants will have to  step up. If a horse doesn’t have a leader, they will become the leader. 

Does my child need experience with horses? 

Absolutely not. Our program does not require you to ride a horse so no prior experience is necessary. We inform every group of the rules and safety precautions to take around the animals and the arena. We always put safety first and we can accommodate everyone’s different comfort levels around the horses. 

Does my child need special clothing?

Although it is a non-ridden program we do have certain safety requirements when it comes to your clothing. Simple things like closed toe shoes and dressing in clothes that you are OK with getting a little dusty. We will give you a full list of these  safety measures, of course when you book.


What if it is raining or stormy? Or there are high temperatures?

Our programs are run in an outdoor arena. The programs run in light rain, however, heavy rain, thunder storms, high winds and temperatures above 38°C make the day unsafe not to mention unpleasant for both humans and horses. We will reschedule your program or refund your money should this be the case.

Do we ride the horses?

No. All of our work is out of the saddle. You will  work alongside the horses as part of your team for the best and true reaction of the horse and the most beneficial way of learning for you.  This way the horse can be its true self.


Where do you run your programs? Is that far away?

We are not far away at all! We are located at the property "Cumalong" a cattle breeding farm, a short drive from Chinchilla located in at Burncluith, just 24 kms from the Chinchilla BP & McDonalds. 

Are you Certified?

Yes! Vicki Mayne is certified through the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, a leading organisation in EAL, and  offers the only certified BuildingBlock™ program in the World.

Are You Insured?

Yes! We carry extensive insurance for ourselves and those who attend our courses.

What if my child is allergic?

Knowing is half the battle! Just be sure your child takes an allergy pill before they come if allergic to horses.